Water Treatment Plant
The Water Treatment Plants help in producing drinking water which can be used for industrial and household industrial purposes. The power consumed by these plants is remarkably low power in comparison to the conventional systems. For removing these contaminants, this process of treating water involves physical and chemical processes including settling, disinfecting, filtration, coagulation and many more.
RO System
All over the world, systems based on Reverse Osmosis (RO) are highly demanded in malls, food courts, restaurants, hotels and many more for treating contaminated water. Based on the type of application, we render Reverse Osmosis Systems which uses a Semipermeable membrane for removing ions and other particles and making water safe for drinking and cooking purposes. These systems are engineered to withstand voltage fluctuations.
Water Softening Plant
Some of the common methods that are used by our offered Water Softening Plant for the removal hardness of water includes reverse osmosis, precipitation or the ion-exchange resin. The mentioned plant involves polystyrene bead resin with high capacity for rendering stability and durability. It also uses in producing soft, non-scale forming and clear water.
EDI and DM Plant
Our offered ED and DM Plant is based on deionization method which requires less automatic valves resulting in the reduced need of labor or operator. The method used in these Plants are known as demineralization and the water obtained by using this process is known as deionized water which is free from cations and anions such as iron, chloride, etc.
Ultrafiltration System
Ultrafiltration System is one of the simple and ideal option for disinfecting and clarifying the contaminated water. This system allows clarification by applying low pressure and includes a membrane that acts as filter for smaller particles having size 10 to 20mm. The particles may be virus, pollen, germs, bacteria or any organic molecule.
Swimming Pool Filtration Plant
Swimming Pool Filtration Plant find usage to ensure healthy and sanitized conditions plunge pools, swimming pools and various other recreational water locations. It helps in offering proper sanitation for maintaining water clarity and preventing spreading of infections caused by waterborne diseases. In this plant various methods are used to maintain sanitation such as the usage of filters for removing pollutants, micro organisms.
Sewage Treatment Plants
Our offered Sewage Treatment Plants are highly demanded in a number of industries for the treatment of waste products before they are discharged into the water bodies like seas, oceans, rivers, etc. Sewage sludge or slurry is a semi solid substance which is obtained as a by-product after the treatment. Before disposing slurry, it further undergoes for the treatment.
Effluent Treatment Plant
Effluent treatment plant can be installed to process industrial waste water and make this waste a usable resource to be used in industries or simply releasing it to environment without causing any harmful effects.

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